Monday, November 30, 2009

Talking Points # 10


1."Competition encourages people to survey other people’s differences for potential weak spots... We learn to ascribe winner or loser status based on certain perceived overt characteristics…"

This quote really made me think about the whole concept of competition, especially in a school setting. Competition is commonly used as a tool to encourage students to do well. The students will strive to win they want to notoriety or maybe a reward. But, the competition shouldn't be the only reason for the students to try. And competition can also have negative consequences. What happens to the students that don't "win"? This could leave them with a feeling of inadequacy. That status of winner of loser could really effects a student's self esteem.

2. "In school and society, the lack of meaningful participation alienates workers, teachers, and students."

I'm sure that we have all had "that kid" in every one of our classes that you don't hear a word from. Lack of participation is seen every single day in the classroom. That kid that doesn't say a word could be one of the brightest kids in the class, but you would never know it because he or she chooses not to actively participate in the class. Not only is that lack of participation effecting their education and possibly their grade, but it also effects them as a member of society. The lack of drive to speak out and participate could mean that the student is too afraid or shy to speak. And with that alienation, they may never really branch out and flourish like they could if they were pushed to participate.

3. "Most kids like the sound of their home language better.... We talk about why it might be necessary to learn standard english...."

Referring back to Collier, she understood and embraced the fact that most students that spoke a foreign language liked and wanted to speak that language. She thought that these students should never neglect the fact that they speak another language, and she was supportive of these students. But, on the other hand, Rodriguez, wasn't as fortunate, and he had to compromise his first language for the english language. He had to completely abandon his way of life to fit into his class, he wasn't able to balance his own language and the English language. I think it's important to embrace your hertiage and your native language, and to keep that apart of your identity, but I also think that it is so necessary to know the English language as well in today's society. Being bilingual is actually a really big plus.

I think this article was far too long. It was definitely hard to stay focused and pay attention throughout the whole article. But, despite the length, I think that article made some pretty good and valid points. I found that a lot of these points were applicable to every day life situations, in and out of the classroom.


  1. i also thought that the article was lengthy, i also choose a few of the same quotes that you did. I was and still am the quiet one in school but once i get to know someone or a situation i will talk your ear off

  2. I agree with you on your first qoute. I think teachers are using competition as a type of bribry but also use it to make the classroom a fun environment.